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Laptop Sleeve Bag with Stand

Laptop Sleeve Bag with Stand

Selling price: $29.99 Product cost: $13.93 E-packet: $0 Profit margin: $16.06 Passions and interests Problem-solving product Stand out -Laptop Holder: Offer three angles for height adjustment, which makes for eye[…] Read more

Universal Detachable Zipper Puller Set

Universal Detachable Zipper Puller Set

Selling price: $9.31 Product cost: $1.31 E-packet: $0 Profit margin: $8 Passions and interests Stand out Repair Zipper tabs on backpacks, jackets, purses, suitcases, briefcases, duffle bags, and much more[…] Read more

Ergonomic Feet Cushion

Ergonomic Feet Cushion

Selling price: $27.97 Product cost: $10.97 E-packet: $0 Profit margin: $17 Not easily found in the traditional stores Problem-solving product Stand out The cross section of the Simplex foot pillow[…] Read more


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