Button Buckle Headband

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Button Buckle Headband

Button Buckle Headband

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Still, being tolerant to sore ears? STAY FASHIONABLE & protected with our newest EAR-SAVER: Fashion Button Headband

Smartly designed with 2 side buttons, allowing you to tie the mask straps around them instead of torturing your ears. Helps relieve painful rubbing, ear discomfort caused by tight face masks straps, or extended wear. Made of ultra-soft, breathable, sweat-wicking & elastic cotton fabrics. Ensures you wear masks comfortably all day long.

2-way design – Wear it as a beanie or knotted headband. Printed with stylish patterns to make you look elegant, cool, simple, or even vintage.

Why are these headbands superior to mask extenders?

Most mask extenders are designed only for practicality without elegant appearance – you need to wrap them around your head, making the back of your head look weird while ruining your hairstyles. Instead, these headbands consider practicality as well as aesthetics – It looks like normal fashion accessories printed with various patterns. Simply put them on to match any outfit easily.


Mask Holder Headband
Simply tie the straps of masks to the buttons to prevent your ears from getting hurt. Reduces ear pain and pressure caused by prolonged wearing of masks. Designed with 2 perfectly positioned buttons to snugly fix mask straps.

Stylish Patterned
Designed with trendy knotted headband design with 6 sets of different patterns/ styles, including vintage floral, tie-dye, bohemian and plain styles. Always match your outfit!

2-way Design
Wear it as a beanie or knotted headband to fit any hairstyles.

Highly Stretchable
Universally fits all head sizes without getting loose, over-tight, or deformed. Easy to stretch and take off in a second.

High-Quality Material
Made of ultra-soft, breathable, sweat-wicking & elastic cotton fabrics. Provides optimal comfort with a quick-drying function to keep it fresh, odorless even you sweat a lot in summer.

Ideal for Any Occasion
Stay fresh and protected while shopping, exercising, working, and more. Ideal to use for different circumstances or even high-risk areas like hospitals, catering services, fitness rooms, shopping malls, and more.

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