Electric Air Pump

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Electric Air Pump

Electric Air Pump

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AirPumpX™ is equipped with a digital display. It detects and shows real time tire pressure on the digital display accurately to ensure you are well informed about the tire condition.
AirPumpX™ is integrated with an intelligence chip which will stop the inflation when the tires pressure reach the preset pressure.
The function of the five-button ring:
Up-Down Buttons: Control the target air pressure
Left Button: Toggles a LED flash-light
Right Button: Cycles through the available modes (free-entry, bike, motorbike, car, football). A long press toggles the units between bar and psi;
Central Button: Starts and stops the inflation.
heavy duty compressor
heavy duty compressor
The high precision alloy die casting casing and air compressor can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the required aeration force for bicycle tires, car tires, football etc.
The powerful compressor can inflate a bicycle tire within 3 minutes.
vibration isolated
vibration isolated
The air compressor is heat insulated. The vibration is dissolved by the shock absorbing pad, which allow the user to hold a working AirPumpX™ comfortably.
led lighting
led lighting
AirPumpX™ comes with a built-in LED lighting. It allows you to inflate the tire in poor lighting.
It is compatible with different types of nozzles.
Extended Battery Life
Extended Battery Life
AirPumpX™ is powered by 18650 Lithium Battery. It can be recharged by using Micro-USB cable which can be found easily even if you needed one in urgent.
Single Charge Performance:
41 footballs (1 min each)
8 bike tyres (3 min each)
5 car tyres (6 min each)
Compact & Portable Design
Compact & Portable Design
AirPumpX™ is designed to be compact, portable and lightweight which allow you to carry it effortless.

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