Waterproof Camping Blanket

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Waterproof Camping Blanket

Waterproof Camping Blanket

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Your next outdoor adventure will be complete with the Wellax Pocket Blanket!
The Multipurpose Outdoors Beach Blanket is the perfect choice for spending your days outside, whether you go to the beach, music festivals, picnics, or camping. Forget about towels! Whether it is camping, hiking, or just a normal relaxing day on the beach, you will no longer want to leave your house without your WATERPROOF POCKET MATS.

This lightweight pocket blanket has a perfect size, it fits 2 people and it folds up to fit right into your palm. No worrying about the room in your backpack the integrated sack makes it so EASY to store and carry around! It is so small that you can carry it in your pocket or keep it in your bag or backpack - you never know when you’ll need it!

Have you ever had a great day outside, until those uncomfortable sand particles got everywhere on your towel, belongings, car and ruined it?

We know you did and this is exactly why we created The WATERPROOF POCKET MATS. The RIP-STOP nylon fabric is sand, water, and heat repellent, meaning that you can easily brush it off, without your adventure experience turning into a mess.

It also comes with 4 SandPockets to keep your blanket in place even on windy days. Afterward, you simply get the sand out of the pockets without worrying that it sticks to the inner material, thanks to the sandproof fabric.

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